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Interstate and Overseas Brides

At Paddington Weddings they create bridal gowns for brides all over Australia and the world so don’t worry, if you have your heart set on a Bertossi Brides gown and you don’t live in Brisbane they will do all they can for you.

Some of their ‘out of town’ brides come back for only one trip to Brisbane for 3 nights and they block out the entire workroom for them and the team works only on their gown to make it perfect. Or if you have a few trips planned to Brisbane over the year they will work around your schedule and often see you twice in each trip here, again blocking out the workroom for each visit.

Basically as long as you book in as early as possible the team will work around your schedule and time frames to fashion your dream wedding dress.

My husband and I live in Central Queensland on a property 2 hours north of Rockhampton. We got engaged on New Year’s Eve and decided to ‘set the date’ for 7th May, 18 weeks later! Leaving me a very short time frame to plan and execute a wedding. To make things a little more tricky we also decided to get married on my family property outside Toowoomba. I didn’t have time to go to hundreds of bridal stores and try on thousands of dresses.

I happened to spot a photo in a magazine of this beautiful dress that I thought seemed like something I would like and telephoned Paddington Weddings to enquire. Luckily I was in Brisbane at the end of January and I could drop in to have a look. At this point I had no intention of getting a couture gown or anything handmade. I thought it would be way out of my price range.

We tried a few different dresses and worked out the bits we liked from each dress. Anne was on hand to help us every step of the way and advising how we could put it all together to suit me personally, keep the price reasonable and still maintain the integrity of the design. It was all so easy! Nothing was a problem, it was a lovely shopping experience. It was decided and the dress was ordered. Brilliant……one problem……due to work and distance, I wouldn’t be able to make it back down for a fitting until the week before the wedding! Most bridal stores would flatly refuse to do this, however the ladies cleared their schedule and prepared for a busy week.

I arrived on the 3rd of May for my first fitting. I had 3 fittings in total that day while a flurry of activity was happening out the back, I was none the wiser. Everyone was relaxed and happy. The dress was ready to collect on Thursday and brought to Toowoomba. I didn’t try on the finished product until I put it on to walk down the aisle. I had to have a lot of trust that Anne and her staff would get it right. Not only did they do a good job but, the dress was perfect! It was exactly how I imagined it would be and fit like a glove. Surprisingly it was super comfortable and I found it quite hard to take it off when the day was done. I loved my ‘Emma’ dress!

Thank you Paddington Weddings for your unbelievable flexibility, relaxed atmosphere, professional attitude and , of course, my perfect wedding dress!
(past bride, Central Queensland)

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