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Destination Weddings

Wedding dresses for Destination Weddings

There are so many stunning locations around Australia and the world no wonder a ‘Destination Wedding’ is so popular today. Anne and Gill will help you pick a design that will be comfortable to wear in hot climates when you are outside on beaches and in Gardens. Silk is essential, the bodices of Anne’s gowns are even lined with silk, ensuring you only have natural fabrics up against your skin, keeping you cool.

A Bertossi Brides wedding dress is light weight and comes in an garment bag that can easily be folded in two and hung with all the suits on board a plane. Our wedding gowns have travelled all over the world, they are easy to carry and you will feel more secure having the gown with you and not worrying about bags going missing on a plane!

“A destination wedding was such a wonderful and exciting thing to organise. The only thing that had always worried me was the question of how I was going to get my dress through check-in, on the plane and safely to New Zealand. It was one of the first things that I spoke to Anne and Gill about and they put my mind at ease. After arriving at the airport, I realised that I had nothing to worry about. Thanks to the friendly hostesses and some spare seats, I was lucky enough to have my dress travel in the style that it deserved – ‘First Class’! It had its very own seat, secured with a seatbelt, in the front row of the plane – arriving in Christchurch free of any crinkles or creases (along with one very happy and relieved bride!).” Louise Hill (past bride)

Carrie – Fiji

Keirstyn – Greece

Louise Hill – New Zealand

Paula Hollis – South Africa